Having your business painted can be a disruptive and frustrating experience. At Dynamic Touch Painting, the first thing we do is try to put ourselves in your shoes. We ask ourselves “What can we do to work with our clients with minimum disruption?” We pride ourselves in “not working around you, but working with you.” We prefer to be invisible, meaning that your business is not turned upside down and you can conduct “business as usual” while we repaint for you.

We realize businesses come in all shapes and sizes and we have worked with them all. Still using the best in quality products, we will deliver a long lasting quality product with minimal disruption to your staff and clientele. In short, Dynamic Touch Painting will help your business with a new and refreshed look, which is appealing and helps present your business in a whole new light!


Office Buildings



Sorority/Fraternity Housing

Industrial Centers

Shopping Centers

No doubt, you may have many questions concerning how best to schedule your business for painting. Please call us today or submit your questions through our Contact Us page and we will be happy to have one of our painting consultants answer these for you within 24 hours.


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